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These individuals have proven themselves to be too elusive to capture. Help us find them, and a reward is yours!

Assigned Assassin: Jamie H. (Agent 42250423-54G)
Who: Red Stewardess @ Jackalope Airlines
Reward: $10m USD*

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Rent an Assassin is America's #1 Assassin Rental Service. We provide our clients with limitless opportunities to fit their daily lives. With Rent an Assassin, we guarantee every job, every time. Our Clientele Concierges will be with you every step of the way, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, on all continents. Clients from DPRK to China to the US to New Zealand love our services.

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Rent an Assassin Concierges help our Field Agents and Clients coordinate operations, take payments, and more. You will receive an automated email from our phone system whenever your account has been created.

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Agent name MUST start with Agent, and must contain a space after the word Agent.
Email addresses are stored locally, and deleted after provisioning.
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